V:tM - San Francisco

Session 1

→ Evening of the annual re-affirmation of the peace treaty between the KJ and Camarilla
→ PC’s show up to Elysium early and mingle a little, they talk briefly to the scourge (Veronica Jones), sheriff (Ben Edwards) and Hunter
→ While Sebastian and Ben Edwards are talking privately Edwards asks Sebastian to look for an elder Gangrel called Mirko and see if he can be disuaded out of his one man war with the KJ
→ Dignitaries begin to file in, mid way through the proceedings Ron Tweed spots something/one staggering towards an outside window, he alerts Paul, Rossitter and Sebastian and heads outside to see what it is with two ghouls in tow
→ He sees its a severely injured person and reaches them just before they make it to the window, but unfortunately just as they explode
→ Inside Elysium both Madame Zhou (important KJ) and Maria de la Vega (Lasombra Primogen) cry out and collapse
→ KJ leave clearly pissed off
→ Rossitter notices that the blood is forming some kind of pattern and takes a picture of it, also collects blood sample from outside
→ Paul and Sebastian take off after tracks while Ron cleans up and reviews security footage, elysium ghouls clean things up, James Jones removes Maria de la Vega to her/their haven
→ Rossitter brings what he’s found to his mentor who doesnt know what it is and then to the Sheriff who directs him to the Tremere Victoria Hand, who likewise doesnt know what it is but puts him in touch with another Tremere, Radu Antonescu
→ Paul and Sebastian lose the tracks at the road but security footage shows that the exploding person was shoved out of a black van

→Paul, sebastian and Rossitter find Mirko and pass on the sheriffs message. Mirko seems disinclined to acquiese

→Ron hunts down the Van and finds it was involved in a shootout. Breaking police lines and searching the remains he discovers a matchbook from the CP bar & Lounge

→Ron secures some lab equipment for Rossitter on the Sheriffs dime

→Paul introduces Sebastian to Antoine duChamp who secures an assault rifle and ammo for him

→Radu Antonescu gets back in touch with Rossitter and lets him know that the bloody symbols are very similar to some pre-cunieform scripts from the ancient middle east and roughly spell out a word that sounds like “Mekhet”

→Ron gets a job working at the CP B&L as a barman. Sebastians new friends get him a job working the night shift on the docks.

→Ron and Paul investigate the sewers beneath the bar, they find a walled off room that has a door which leads down about five flights of stairs and ends in a room who’s door is covered in satanic symbols. Inside is a room filled with heavily used occult implements. Ron and Paul nick a small idol.

→Ron and Paul take the doodad to the mlakvaian primogen, some auespex later they find out it was last handled by a bald man who was 400 years old, extremely happy and called Sergio.


Uthred Uthred

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