V:tM - San Francisco

Session 3

I get the feeling I may have forgotten a few things,so sleep deprived this week it isnt right, so if I have chime in:

Ron received a call from duChamp to advise him that after having the item researched it seemed to be of powerful occult significance and was most likely an idol representing an obscure local deity worshipped by tribes in what is now Israel around 3000BC and that a buyer had come forward for the idol and that the buyer was willing to either pay for the idol or offer an item of similar value and potence. Considering quickly Ron decided to go with a cash sale and after giving duChamp his cut had still made a very large amount of money.

Being a very busy man Ron then received a call from Rossitter who wanted to have a look at the idol, Ron told Rossitter that he had duChamp looking into it (OH MY GOD RON’S A LIAR!) and that it wasn’t available. The two arranged to meet at Elysium later that night. After finishing that call Ron received another call from a rather distraught Rob asking was it possible that Ron could come into work to cover a shift. Ron acquiesed and headed towards CP’s.

When Ron arrived he found Rob in very bad shape. Rob told Ron how he had very recently been bequeathed the CP Bar & Lounge by the previous owner and that almost immediately an asian corporation (the oddly named Promethean Inc) had made a generous offer on the place. Ron had refused and then a day later, i.e. earlier that evening, he had been jumped and beaten severely by a gang of asian men. As Rob staggered off to a waiting taxi and then hospital he entrusted the keys of the bar to Ron and asked him to lock up. Ron noticed a noticeably increased asiatic clientle that evening. He also let Rossitter, Paul and Sebastian know that he had the keys to the place and suggested they thoroughly check it out later.

Meanwhile at Elyisum Rossitter was buddying up to the Prince, seeing if there was anything he could do to help her out. It seemed there wasn’t. Rossitter then had a rather confusing conversation with Hunter which he ended by a) concluding Hunter was an idiot and b) walking off (I think there may be some confusion here, you guys believe Hunter knew about his brother because when he walked in the architect (who turned out to be his demonic brother) said “You werent supposed to be seen here” or something to that effect, this was my attempt to make it seem like the architect and hunters doppleganger were two different people who were working together, not to imply that Hunter was in cahoots with him).


Rossitter, Paul and Sebastian returned to the strange basement chapel while Ron kept watch in the bar. There they found it little disturbed from the time when Ron and Paul first found it. Rossitter and Paul spent some time digging through the items and identified four items of particular occult potence (a vajara, a blade, a fertility statue and a very old crucifix). Bringing them back up to the bar the coterie (you guys are such homos) then explored the rest of the bars which consisted of Rob’s office and living quarters. They found nothing of any particular significance.

Discusssing what was going on the four kindred decided to form a coterie and sue the Prince for domain of the docklands. Rossitter (and possibly Sebsatian?) headed to Elysium and put their request to the Prince. Who while largely disinterested was only too happy to farm off some no mans land and the problems that came with it. She advised that she would inform the rest of the court of the new domain. Sebastian advised Mirko of the new setup.

The next night Ron had another talk with Rob about what was going on, Rob seemed convinced that an asian gang, under the guise of a legit corporation was trying to force him to sell. He didn’t really want to sell but he also didn’t want to get the shit knocked out of him again. When Ron floated the idea of some phantom investors interested in buying the bar Rob jumped at the chance. The phantom investors were of course Ron himself who was now the proud owner of the CP Bar&Lounge.

Sebastian headed down to his place of work and looked up the shift foreman, Roger Corbin, <cant>

Rossitter imposed upon his mentor to investigate the four items they had found. Gladstone got back a few days later to let Rossitter know that while the objects were of extreme occult significance, they seemed more like “batteries” than anything else i.e. he could say they were important but was unsure how one would use them.


Rossitter and Ron visited duChamp with the crucifix in order to see if a) they could find out who was interested in buying this stuff and b) could they sell it in order to finance their domain. duChamp immediately made some enquiries and advised them that there were two buyers interested. duChamp resisted all attempts to find out the identity of these buyers until the three finally got down to brass tacks and after some wheeling and dealing duChamp agreed to reveal the identity of the two buyers and the previous buyer. The previous buyer and one of the current buyers was the Tremere Victoria Hand, the second was a cathyan, Bishamon Kizuko. The crucifix was left with duChamp to sell. Shortly after leaving duChamp called to advise that the cathyan had pulled out of the sale and it was decided to sell the crucifix to Victoria Hand.

Ron and Paul had some kind of phone based handbags at ten paces argument about how Ron didnt give Paul no dolla bills from the sale of the idol.

Rossitter used the money gained from the sale of the crucifix to buy the controlling share in a struggling security firm (you need a name for these guys or I will unashamedly name them Cerberus Security). Rossitter and Sebstian investigated the flow of good in and out of the docklands, particularly the flow of illegal goods. While they had some small success in getting a number of gangs to pay them to not see things they had little success in securing more lucrative or legal contracts as two local security firms seemed to had a weirdly complete hold on the security business in the docklands.

To make his mark on his new domain Sebastian decided to undertake a cleanup of Washington Square Park. Using an altruistic mixture of clean needles and precisely directed physical violence he managed to remove most of the undesirable elements from the park in relatively short order. However in doing so he has earned the enmity of a number of local drug dealers who have been suspiciously quiet of late.

Paul initially tried to turn some homeless people into his network but was warned off by Ben Edwards (who denied having anything to do with, or any knowledge off, the suspiciously empty street). In order to gain some influence in the underworld Paul joined the 3rd Street Boyz, a small gang affiliated with Big Block. Over the course of a week or two he managed to work his way to the top of the gang through a combination of his amazing manipulative abilities and getting the majority of the gang killed by pissing off more powerful gangs. After forming a solid core (of apparently suicidal gang bangers) he used his supernatural mojo on his boss, and Big Block lieutenant, Bob in order to outfit his men. Whatever plans he was going to make were interrupted at this point due to the fact that a gang war erupted between Big Block and the 14K Triad who were moving into Big Block’s dockland operations.

Sebastian’s sire finally got back in touch with him to advise him that he should be looking for a kindred called Molly, a member of clan Gangrel.

(Now for the generally tragic adventures of Rossitter and Paulo)

Big Block, and by extension, their affiliates were getting completely destroyed in their gang conflict. It wasnt so much a war as a massacre. In order to fight back Paul press-ganged local urchins into forming a rudimentary spy network to alert him when asian gangers entered his territory. The first such group to do so were burned out of their car and then gun downed by Paul’s men (which reminds me, going to need a degeneration roll for that). A few nights later another asian gang member rolled into Paul’s hood. After his car was stopped with a hurled paint can he was treated to a rain of petrol bombs. Staggering and screaming he crashed through the doors of the apartment building where Paul and his men were situated. Paul and his amazing technicoloured gang split up to find the intruder. The first to come across anything was Paul who found the charred shreds of the mystery asian’s coats as well as a destroyed apartment door. Heading into the room Paul was unsurprised to find the cathyan crouching with sword ready. Unfortunately he was slightly too slow to react and the cathyan’s sword tore through Paul’s stomach, spleen and spine in that order, causing damage that a metagaming bastard would call aggravated. Crashing to the ground Paul filled the room with inky darkness and dragged himself a scant few feets towards the window and escape before deciding that a suicidal offense was the best defence and shot the cathyan square between the eyes. Unfortunately the cathyan proved unusually resilient and the last thing Paul saw was the cathyan’s blade crashing down on his face.

The next time anyone heard from Paul was a day later when Rossitter got a call from him and collected him from a street corner near the docks. Rossitter dropped Paul of his apartment and put him in touch with Antoine in order to secure whatever supplies he needed to recover from his crippling injuries.

While Paul recovered from his injuries Rossitter decided to re-examine the case of the exploding ghoul (See Volume 1 for further details, ON SALE NOW!). Feeling that the matchbook which led to the CP Bar&Lounge was a red herring at best he investigated what had happened to the van after it was towed by the police and who had been involved in the shoot out. Paul discovered one of the gang members had survived, hunting him down Paul bribed him into revealing that the dead leader of his crew had got the van from a mysterious benefactor. Hunting down the dead gang leaders widow (i.e. walking upstairs) Rossitter discovered that the bitch didn know nothin, though she did mention that her dead boyfriend had received a number of calls about the van. <cant><cant>, on Sunday night Paul stayed in the van while Rossitter watched a shadowy figure who seemed to emanate an almost palpable evil dick around with the phone for half an hour before disappearing. Said shadowy figure didn’t appear on any of Rossitters recording equipment. Rossitter and Paul told the Sheriff <cant>

Session 2

→ Paul awakes feeling very weak, through a careful process of increasingly paranoid theories he determines he’s cursed
→ He contacts Ron to see if Ron’s ok (Ron is)
→ Rossitter buys a van
→ Meets up with Rossitter to give Rossitter a sample of his blood
→ Rossitter fails to find anything the matter
→ Later at Elysium Paul calls upon Glastone to investigate the matter
→Over the last few nights Ron has discovered that Rob, the bar manager, is very much in charge of the bar. Always showing up to lock up and oversee operations. Sebastian finds that Tom Brady (foreman) has a very, very firm control over the workers on the dock and strongly “encourages” them to drink at the CPB&L
→Veronica Jones shows up at the CPB&L and queries Ron about the Sheriffs location and what exactly he and Paul had done to “take care of” the exploding ghoul issue
→She gives Ron her private number and asks her to get paul to call her if she’s talking to him
→ Paul gets a call from Veronica and she asks to meet him at a certain appartment building. When Paul reaches the building the streets are strangely empty. Feeling scared (he’s already been cursed Yo!) he rings Veronica and she changes the meeting place to a random bar (after she turns down some of Pauls suggestions for alternae meeting places)
→ Paul waits around but Veronica doesn’t show and eventually he gets a text message saying Veronica cant make it. Paul leaves the bar and as he reaches his car he feels something is wrong. Looking unerneath he sees a metal box with a flashing light on it attached to the underside of his car. Paul takes a picture of it and heads inside where he bribes the barman for a look at the security cameras. No sign of anyone tampering with it. Paul heads home.

→Sebastian, Rossitter, Paul and Tweed meet up to discuss what the fucks going on. Things get a little heated regarding various theories about who’s crooked and who’s behind what and how aggressive they should be. Paul and Tweed try to determine what the story is by calling Veronica on her two different numbers. Ron gets through, Paul goes to voicemail.

→Rossitter and Paul go to check out the car and the bomb. Both are still there. Paul tries ringing Victoria but cant get through. He rings James Jones who agrees to take care of the matter for him.

→Rossitter and Paul go to investigate the building to see why there was no-one there

→Meanwhile Ron meets up with duChamp in order to get the statue investigated. The statue is a) very old, b) from somewhere in the middle east and c) worth quite a few benjamins. Ron cut’s duChamp in for 25% to investigate it further and find a buyer.

→(At some point) Rossitter fleshcrafts himself to look like someone else and spends a night staking out Chinatown and discovers that there are Cathyan patrols

→Rossitter, Sebastian and Paul decide to head into the basement of doom once more, but before they can reach the entrance they are met in the sewer by a strange undead baby who produces a phone containing a message from Ben Edwards which simply says “Stay Away”
→When Rossitter and Paul come looking for the statue Ron lets them know that he has one of his men investigating it as Rossitter had turned down the chance to do so
→ Rossitter gos to ask Mirko some questions, Paul tags along.
→ Ben Edwards voicemail changes to say he’ll be back in two weeks
→Paul wakes up to find two asian men trying to man-handle him into a bodybag. He grabs a knife and fills the room with shadowy tentacles. At that point one of the asian men jumps out the window letting the sunlight take care of the tentacles. Paul dodges into his living room, the other asian man follows him in, destroying the bedroom door in the process and securing a large piece of wood. Paul fills the room with shadows, runs out into the corridor and hides in the vents for a few hours. When he returns to his room he feels a strange presence, grabbing his phone he runs away again.
→ When he exits the building, calls Rossiter, Sebastian & Tweed. He then calls Veronica who happens to be in the area and asks him to sit tight. Veronica arrives shortly after this and helps him investigate his room. As Paul double checks the bedroom he feels Veronica’s gun settle against the back of his head. She tells him he can come with her and answer some questions or he can be made to come with her. Paul activates celerity and obtenebration and manages to escape to the corridor where he runs into one of his assailants from earlier. Said assailant caused sevre damage to Paul with a wooden sword but Paul managed to escape (Only because I didn’t read the combat rules, count your blessings). Veronica calls Rossitter and Tweed to advise them that Paul is dirty and has been selling out the camarilla to the cathyans.
→ Paul calls James Jones who tells him much the same, Jones advises Paul to make his escape and then turn himself in while Jones trys to get him an audience with the Prince.
→ Rositter hooks up with Paul and they drive around until they get a call from Jones advising Paul that a sit down with the prince has been arranged at one of her havens in Nob hill.
→ When Rositter and Paul show up at the princes house they find Maria de la Vega, James Jones and Veronica Jones in attendance. The prince displays a dossier that one of Veronica’s contacts had provided that shows Paul meeting up with various members of the cathyan court at suspicious locations (and exchanging suspicious packages). Paul denies that its him and with Rositter vouching for the fact Paul was with him when some of the meetings were supposed to have taken place the Prince decides to have it investigated further.
→ The Prince places Paul in “protective” custody and agress to Rositters plan to fleshcraft a ghoul to take his place.
→ Prince mentions in passing that rumours about an appearing and disappearing building near the docks have reached her attention, supposedly the building “eats” people
→ Rossitter fleshcrafts a ghoul to look like Paul and Paul to look like Johnny Random. Paul and Rossitter then follow the ghoul around for four or five days to see if anything happens to him. Nothing does


→ Rositter completes his research into the exploding ghoul and discovers that some form of abyssal contamination is present, as if the ghoul had been the victim of something akin to Obtenebration
→ Paul checks with James Jones to see if hed heard of anything similar (Maria is no longer answering Pauls calls), Jones hadnt heard to anything similar
→ Rositter checked with Gladstone who advs that while there was a possibility that some mortal sorcerers (if such actually existed) could call upon the abyss there were also legends of ancient lasombra who had improved their mastery of obtenebration to such a degree that they could perform dark rites with it

(cant remember how they find out or who says it but Rossitter and Paul find out that the description of Sergio also closely matches that of a somewhat reclusive member of the court called Hunter)

→They have a bit of difficulty finding out any details about Hunter and Paul ends up cashing in the minor favour Antoine owes him in order to find out Hunter’s phone number, haven and what clan he’s from (Ventrue)
→ The next night in Elysium Hunter singles out Paul and Rossiter and asks them why they’ve been looking for him. They ask him if he’s ever heard of a magic which matched what they were looking for. In return he queries Rossitter about the intricacies of fleshcraft. One thing leads to another and it turns out that Hunter is also having doppelganger problems. He agrees to work with the players on investigating it. Rossitter and Paul then drop the name Sergio to which Hunter visibly reacts and then leaves.

→ Rossitter explains to the Prince that he and Paul have conluded one of two groups are behind everything, either the Sabbat or the cathyans

→ Later in the night Rossitter and Paul gets info on the areas that Hunters double has been spotted, one particular location catches their eyes. The well appointed city centre house of acclaimed architect Arthur Jenkins

→Disguised as fleshcrated priests the two visit the house looking for a donation, everything seems to be in order
→ Rossitter re-visits the house Fleshcrafted to look like Hunter, Jenkins ushers him in and pretends to make tea before confronting Rossitter looking like “evil Hunter” aka Sergio
→ Paul calls the Prince for backup
→ Rossitter stalls while talking to Sergio and discovers the following, Sergio is possessed/controlled by something that doesnt mind being described as a demon, Sergio was Hunter’s human brother, Sergio has issues with Paul and Ron interfering with his business, he knows what the tower is but suggests its not as dangerous as him, he likewise says he knows who’s behind the exploding ghoul and who or what Mekhet is, he said he was masquerading as Paul and then later said he had lied about that, he denied being involved with either the building ambush or the bomb on Pauls car, he offers Rossitter the information and power in exchange for Rossitters soul
→ Just as Sergio loses patience the Prince and Jim Jones arrive with a heavy crew of ghouls in tow. Following a pitched battle the Prince, James Jones, Rossitter and Paul manage to subdue Sergio but not before his body/host is almost entirely destroyed, the remains of the body crumble into dust
→ The Prince thanks Rossiter and Paul for their help, takes a copy of the recordings of Rossiters conversation with Sergio and sends them on their way
→ After Rossitter returns to his haven he imagines for a second that he hears Sergio’s voice telling him that his “offer” is always open


Just over two weeks have passed since the night of the peace treaty.

Dangling Plot Threads

→Who placed the bomb on Paul’s car?
→Who cleared out the bum’s at the original meeting place?
→Who was behind the exploding ghoul?
→Who or what is Mekhet?
→Whats going on with the building?
→ Who or what was Paul’s double?
→Why’s Adam sending Mick all those private email’s about what his characters doing while he’s alone?

Session 1

→ Evening of the annual re-affirmation of the peace treaty between the KJ and Camarilla
→ PC’s show up to Elysium early and mingle a little, they talk briefly to the scourge (Veronica Jones), sheriff (Ben Edwards) and Hunter
→ While Sebastian and Ben Edwards are talking privately Edwards asks Sebastian to look for an elder Gangrel called Mirko and see if he can be disuaded out of his one man war with the KJ
→ Dignitaries begin to file in, mid way through the proceedings Ron Tweed spots something/one staggering towards an outside window, he alerts Paul, Rossitter and Sebastian and heads outside to see what it is with two ghouls in tow
→ He sees its a severely injured person and reaches them just before they make it to the window, but unfortunately just as they explode
→ Inside Elysium both Madame Zhou (important KJ) and Maria de la Vega (Lasombra Primogen) cry out and collapse
→ KJ leave clearly pissed off
→ Rossitter notices that the blood is forming some kind of pattern and takes a picture of it, also collects blood sample from outside
→ Paul and Sebastian take off after tracks while Ron cleans up and reviews security footage, elysium ghouls clean things up, James Jones removes Maria de la Vega to her/their haven
→ Rossitter brings what he’s found to his mentor who doesnt know what it is and then to the Sheriff who directs him to the Tremere Victoria Hand, who likewise doesnt know what it is but puts him in touch with another Tremere, Radu Antonescu
→ Paul and Sebastian lose the tracks at the road but security footage shows that the exploding person was shoved out of a black van

→Paul, sebastian and Rossitter find Mirko and pass on the sheriffs message. Mirko seems disinclined to acquiese

→Ron hunts down the Van and finds it was involved in a shootout. Breaking police lines and searching the remains he discovers a matchbook from the CP bar & Lounge

→Ron secures some lab equipment for Rossitter on the Sheriffs dime

→Paul introduces Sebastian to Antoine duChamp who secures an assault rifle and ammo for him

→Radu Antonescu gets back in touch with Rossitter and lets him know that the bloody symbols are very similar to some pre-cunieform scripts from the ancient middle east and roughly spell out a word that sounds like “Mekhet”

→Ron gets a job working at the CP B&L as a barman. Sebastians new friends get him a job working the night shift on the docks.

→Ron and Paul investigate the sewers beneath the bar, they find a walled off room that has a door which leads down about five flights of stairs and ends in a room who’s door is covered in satanic symbols. Inside is a room filled with heavily used occult implements. Ron and Paul nick a small idol.

→Ron and Paul take the doodad to the mlakvaian primogen, some auespex later they find out it was last handled by a bald man who was 400 years old, extremely happy and called Sergio.


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